Monday, September 7, 2015

Vortex Digital Tinter 4

• Faster tinting, with better color shade consistency
• Variable speed stirrers
• Bright display showing both the desired and actual temperatures
• Digital temperature control, with detachable temperature probes
• Nonstick tanks for easy cleaning
• No boil-over. Lid position will not affect the temperature
• Stainless steel construction
• Hinged lids - No need to remove lid when tinting lenses
• 4 Digital Timers

• Starter kit includes
OptiSafe Heat Transfer Fluid - Four 15 fl.oz. 
Phantom Neutralizers - Neutralizer 39X - 1 Quart 
Opti-Safe Lens Dye Packet, NO RED BLACK 
Opti-Safe Lens Dye Packet, BROWN 
Opti-Safe Lens Dye Packet, G-15 
OptiSafe UV Formula III Dissolvable Packet 
Lens Holder 
Vat Removal Tool

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