Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Phantom® Hydro Pads THX

Quick Overview

• No slippage, excellent adhesion on super hydrophobic/ oleophobic lenses
• Pass torque test
• Easy release tab
• Conform to all lens curves
• Available in all sizes and shapes
• "Super stick" pad for "Slippery" lens coatings

Product Description

Newest generation of edging pads for the super hydrophobic/ oleophobic lenses. The new Phantom Hydro Pads (TH Version) are designed with dual adhesive systems, to provide the appropriate amount of adhesion for the slick surface of the lens and also for the block. This prevents slippages while edging lenses, yet the pads are easy to remove leaving absolutely no residue. The new Phantom Hydro Pads are the ultimate solution to all your edging problems. Available in different sizes to fit metal and plastic blocks.

Phantom® Vat Removal Tool

Quick Overview

The perfect soultion to potential hazards when handling vats with hot solutions. Allows you to quickly and safely remove the vat from the dye heating system.

Product Description

Safely handling vats filled with hot solution is a major concern for any optical lab. At Phantom Research Laboratories, we have devised a perfect solution to this potential hazard, the Vat Removal tool and Drip Tray. The Vat Removal Tool allows you to quickly and safely remove the vat from the dye heating system without the worry of the vat slipping off the tool, or heat transfer fluid dripping on the floor and counters. Once you have tried the Vat Removal Tool with Drip Tray, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

1. Place the sharp corners (front of tool) against vat flange at a 70° - 90° angle to slightly life the vat.

2. Proceed to slidfe the Tool under the vat flange along the Tool tracks until the vat makes contact with back of the Tool.

3. Tighten the two locking screws to secure the vat in place.

4. Once the Tool is locked onto the vat, grasp the handle of the Tool with one hand and lift the vat vertically out to the dye heating system. Attach the Drip tray to the vat with your other hand.

5. The Drip Tray attaches to the short side of the vat and once in place, the base of the Drip Tray will be parallel to the bottom of the vat. The vat is now ready to be safely moved to any desired location.

6. The two locking screws when tighened, will secure the vat in place. This makes it very safe and easy to discard solutions in the vat.

OptiSafe® Heating System Model 9VS

Quick Overview

• Uniform temperature
• 9 quart (9x946ml) size standard system holds up to 18 mini tanks
• Stainless steel heating elements
• Large overflow channel to catch spilled chemicals
• All stainless steel construction
• Heavy duty. Designed for continuous operation

Starter kit includes
OptiSafe Heat Transfer Fluid - 2 Gallon
OptiSafe Heat Transfer Fluid - 2 Quarts
Phantom Neutralizers - Neutralizer 39X - 1 Quart
Opti-Safe Lens Dye Packet, NO RED BLACK
Opti-Safe Lens Dye Packet, BROWN
Opti-Safe Lens Dye Packet, PINK
Opti-Safe Lens Dye Packet, BLUE
Opti-Safe Lens Dye Packet, YELLOW
Opti-Safe Lens Dye Packet, GREEN
Opti-Safe UV Formula III dissolvable packets
Lens Holder
30 Pamphlets + Display

Product Description
OptiSafe Heating System Model 9VS consists of nine stainless steel quart (9x946ml) sized tanks (vats) in stainless steel housing for durability. The housing is carefully insulated for minimum heat radiation and maximum thermal insulation. Model 9VS is designed to optimally heat optical lens tinting solutions and other similar materials, with a temperature range from 60° F to 250° F (15.55°C - 121.1°C). The standard nine-quart (9x946ml) system can hold up to 18 mini-vats (optional). The system incorporates one 1600 Watt stainless steel heating element, designed specifically for heating OptiSafe Heat Transfer Fluid without burning it. This is a common problem in many heating units. The system is also supplied complete with vats, lids and starter kit for professional lens tinting.

OptiSafe® Ink Remover

Quick Overview

• Quickly removes ink markings on lenses
• Safe on all lens types, including polycarbonate
• Quick evaporation, leaves no residues
• Acetone-free formula
• Environmentally friendly
• Available in Bottles and Pen style containers
C573 is a new pen style container with precision spring action tip
C575 is a new REFILLABLE pen style container with precision spring action tip

Acetone free, polycarbonate safe, ink removing formula for removing markings on all types of lenses. Markings are instantly removed with no residues. OptiSafe Marking Ink Remover performs as well as Acetone but will not attack lens material and surface coatings. Can also be used as a safe solvent on many substrates such as polycarbonate, acrylic, metal, ceramic, and glass, to remove stains, marker ink, and paints without damaging the surface. Environmentally friendly formula. Available in 4 fl.oz. 8 fl.oz, 500ml , quart bottles and pen style containers. more info