Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Phantom® Hydro Pads THX

Quick Overview

• No slippage, excellent adhesion on super hydrophobic/ oleophobic lenses
• Pass torque test
• Easy release tab
• Conform to all lens curves
• Available in all sizes and shapes
• "Super stick" pad for "Slippery" lens coatings

Product Description

Newest generation of edging pads for the super hydrophobic/ oleophobic lenses. The new Phantom Hydro Pads (TH Version) are designed with dual adhesive systems, to provide the appropriate amount of adhesion for the slick surface of the lens and also for the block. This prevents slippages while edging lenses, yet the pads are easy to remove leaving absolutely no residue. The new Phantom Hydro Pads are the ultimate solution to all your edging problems. Available in different sizes to fit metal and plastic blocks.

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